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Short update :)

About a month has passed, soo i guess its time for a new post!

In the past few days, i had my third guides camp. I never really talked much about it on my blog, but just to prepare for guides camp, almost everyday after school of this month was reserved for guides. Basically after school was not 'after school' anymore, because i could not go home 'after school'. Okay i did not make any sense and i'm just trying to say that i, along with the sec three cohort had to remain in school after curriculum hours to do guides related stuff. It was soo tiring, and finally camp is over, which means all that hard work planning and executing the camp is all over!

Well i kinda decided not to post much about my private life anymore because i was probably boring all of you with my boring posts about school and cca or whatever, so i'm not gonna say much about the camp. Maybe just the best things about it that made the last camp i can actually participate in, memorable.

I was ass…


I am a major stalker. Not like stalking the person, but on social media. I stalk their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever social media accounts they have. You know whats scary?

When you're scrolling through their instagram feed 50 weeks down, you HAVE to be careful. Sometimes i accidentally like a photo, and i know its the end. The person knows i've been stalking them. ITS LITERALLY THE END OF THE WORLD FOR ME. Great, i unliked it, unless there is some miracle that he turned his notifications off, if not i'm dead. People always ask me how i can accidentally like a photo. You see, it's very simple. You're scrolling down and your left thumb touches the heart shaped button thing. You can just scroll down right? Of coure you can! ^^ Nooooo, not when youre 50 weeks down an instagram feed. Suddenly your phone goes haywire and glitches. BOOM you liked it!

When you're on Facebook in a computer, you have nothing to worry about. It all comes down to mobile facebo…