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Short update :)

About a month has passed, soo i guess its time for a new post!

In the past few days, i had my third guides camp. I never really talked much about it on my blog, but just to prepare for guides camp, almost everyday after school of this month was reserved for guides. Basically after school was not 'after school' anymore, because i could not go home 'after school'. Okay i did not make any sense and i'm just trying to say that i, along with the sec three cohort had to remain in school after curriculum hours to do guides related stuff. It was soo tiring, and finally camp is over, which means all that hard work planning and executing the camp is all over!

Well i kinda decided not to post much about my private life anymore because i was probably boring all of you with my boring posts about school and cca or whatever, so i'm not gonna say much about the camp. Maybe just the best things about it that made the last camp i can actually participate in, memorable.

I was assigned to patrol Swallow-it's a bird, my dear. I was the patrol leader, Siti was patrol second and i had four wonderful sec ones and twos. Luckily, they weren't like my sec one self two years ago. They weren't very quiet, all of them were very enthusiastic and always took the initiative to help others. They often helped out with the main activities of the camp, like tent pitching and gadget making. I was actually really happy with how our tent turned out, and how fast we did it. Normally in my sec one and two years we always exceeded the time limit given. The ones i had to takeover and brief the whole company on was games, and the badge we were doing for camp. I was surprised that i actually managed to step out of my comfort zone, and was able to project my voice in front of the whole guides company. Cos', i'm not the type that would be brave enough to do that.

The next memorable thing was campfire prep and the campfire obviously. During my sec one and two guides camp, my patrol and most of the other patrols would do cheers and cheers and cheers. Sooo, it was kinda expected for every patrol to do some guides cheer. Being the hyper people we are, we decided to DANCE! At first we wanted to do something 'swag' and 'cool' if you wanna call it, and even my nerdiest idea to remake the Avatar The Last Airbender opening theme was rejected by my patrol mates HAHAAH, and apparently all of us were major fans, but they didn't wanna ruin their reputation? Though, WHY NOT??! I was soo looking forward to doing that earthbending move in the opening theme! ;(
In the end, we did a let it go dance, choreographed by one and only SWALLOW, aka red ninja troop.(Red ninja cos our patrol identity was a red bandana lols)
It was a little stupid, but really fun as we danced our hearts out. It was so expected that everyone else would be doing cheers, and we were the only patrol that danced.

Besides that, because the sec threes had to have a long meeting with the seniors and teachers after everyone was asleep, we barely had enough sleep. For heavens sake, i only had about three hours of sleep on the second day. It was about 1 30 am and since the sec threes are only allowed to bathe at night after everyone was asleep, they said 1 30 was too late and so we couldn't bathe anymore lols. Omg, y'know how smelly i was during outdoor cooking with all the fumes getting into my hair and the sweat from all three days. I sound so whiny right now, but sorry i just gotta rant.

I still remember on the second day before going to sleep, i was like tearing cos i was so worried. My patrol members were getting kinda sick one by one. One of them already had a fever before the camp, but decided to attend regardless. She had to be shifted to the sickbay on the second day and at night. The next sec one had some sort of stomach ache and couldn't join for inspection. During inspection there were four of us left :(

Then at night the sec two was still at the sickbay, but the sec one recovered and slept in the tent with us. After that, Siti's leg kinda hurt really badly and she had rashes so she slept at the sick bay too. I was worried more of us might get sick and Swallow might break :/

Fortunately, nothing like that happened, and by the third day we had the entire patrol back and well rested, well except for Siti and I HAAH. Never mind, it was still worth it.

Hey remember when i said i wasn't gonna blog much about my private life? I didn't know a few things that were memorable could be said so much about.

Anyways, tomorrow is the start of a new term after the March holidays, though i didn't get much of a holiday since i had to go back to school before camp to prepare for it. Oh well, i enjoyed camp, it was all worth it. Also since my sec four and five camp is going to be more of a slack-y one since the next sec three batch would be taking over, so the sec fours and fives just have to walk around, oversee everything and scold the sec threes at the end of the day HAHA.

I shall end of here, and i didn't realise how fast time passed! It's going to be April soon and my dads going to be 51 already. -insert sad face-

OH! And here are some photos from camp

Lol this was when we hacked Chloe's phone, she sent it to me

SWALLOW!+ my pedo face

Hey, i know i look ugly and tired. Leave me alone.

This was weird

We won best patrol ;>

"Heaven knows i tried"

I guess i lifted my leg too high

JUMPSHOT! With the sec threes

Oh, how fashionable. Look how short i am
Yay, i have someone's shoulder to look taller

I'm at the right lol, spot me.

Also at the right, this was took like just before i tripped over the guylines

Oh look, another unglam of me at the left

Typical Siti

Third day breakfast :>

Our tent (LOL there's a groundsheet for when we sleep kay, not just newspapers) And yes, we built this :)

Bus ride back to school on last day! Try to spot me at the back

During tea break, i think.

God i look like im doing something dirty

This was on monday/tuesday when we had to go back to school to prepare for camp. We had to use the trolley to buy the food fro camp at NTUC so Siti wheeled us there!

Siti obviously built some muscles, wheeling us from the school to the NTUC Fairprice near courts :o and wheeling Grace plus all the food bought for camp back to school.


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