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A burning desire to be with someone who you find attractive and extremely special. 
 Having crushes are so frustrating, yet so thrilling. Crushes are the reason why my life isn't boring. Am i the only one that honestly have little to no friends to live for? I have really really good friends, but sometimes there's just a group of people that make me feel so odd.

Thats where my crush comes in. Every time i see him, i get so excited. When our eyes lock, its makes me blush on the inside. Its so funny how only one person is able to do that. When he talks to me, i stutter and say dumb things. Some even like "Hey look a square" I swear thats happened once! He's probably the only reason i run as fast as lighting just to get to class early, so i can get a peak of him before we have to change classes.
Falling for him isn't like falling on soft pillows, but more like falling on concrete ground till my nose breaks. Its way harder. The weird part is, i…


I've been thinking of making my blog private, I might do it soon lol. Mostly because i have really embarrassing posts that my friends (yes, im talking to you >.>) have seen or may see. Usually i like to post stuff thats a little private mainly for my own entertainment, but whenever i see comments i get so excited. Its like you know, someone actually bothered to read all my shitty posts. 
I'm not very sure about making this decision since my blog was never private for the past one and a half year of blogging, and i always wanted to celebrate a five year blog anniversary with you guys :'( I can just see my whole blog timeline and my posts are just becoming shorter and shorter, and very little blog updates in the years to come lol.
I'm not actually inactive in the whole blogosphere thing, i do like to read and visit other blogs. I just have nothing else to post since i don't want to post about my life all the time, because if i did, i would have no problem priva…