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Now is kind of the start of my June holidays 2015! :) It was actually supposed to start on friday but we had elearning and---someone decided to drag me to the school library to do it with her. HAHAAH partly was because i had to go to school to submit a file that i have never used or filed anything in before.

These five months have been great, but probably more stressful than last year and the year before. There was more homework assignments, but the one that took up most of my time was Guides. I'm not complaining, but since i stepped up as a PL, or rather a sec three, A LOT of the work load was pushed to us. Especially before the annual guides camp, i was the planner and there was a hella lot of planning and preparing to do. We practically had to plan EVERYTHING, timing, activities, dry/wet weather plans. I was so frustrated and didn't want to mess up during camp that i had a bad acne breakout, which was likely to be equivalent to the one i had when puberty sta…


I like to draw, doodle, or whatever you call it. I don't call myself a 'professional artist', as i don't really specialise in fine arts, or have some masters degree in it YET! Though i hope to in the future!

I'm gonna rant about some people, or majority of students. Basically, art is an elective subject that you can take, right? In the NA stream at my school, all of us are forced to select an elective subject in sec two, and it will be our course subject for upper secondary. There are three (or four, depending on your math lol), Art, Food & Nutrition, Design and Tech and Amath. I chose Art, and in my arts class, there are probably less than half of the class that are actually interested in art (drawing, painting, etc etc). I noticed the rest of the class don't really have an interest in the arts. They chose it because they though that taking art as a course subject would be easier to pass, since F&N has food science, D&T is more hands on, machines a…