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I like to draw, doodle, or whatever you call it. I don't call myself a 'professional artist', as i don't really specialise in fine arts, or have some masters degree in it YET! Though i hope to in the future!

I'm gonna rant about some people, or majority of students. Basically, art is an elective subject that you can take, right? In the NA stream at my school, all of us are forced to select an elective subject in sec two, and it will be our course subject for upper secondary. There are three (or four, depending on your math lol), Art, Food & Nutrition, Design and Tech and Amath. I chose Art, and in my arts class, there are probably less than half of the class that are actually interested in art (drawing, painting, etc etc). I noticed the rest of the class don't really have an interest in the arts. They chose it because they though that taking art as a course subject would be easier to pass, since F&N has food science, D&T is more hands on, machines and stuff. 

Since art is usually considered a 'free' subject, and by that i mean that art can be beautiful to one, and ugly to another. For example, i create something by expressing all my thoughts, sorrow, or happiness all in one drawing. To me, i might think it's the most gorgeous art piece ever created, but my friend might think it's a piece of shit. See how i emphasised the word 'shit'? Anyways, since art can be so subjective, some people might use it as an excuse-I'm really serious about this-They take art because as it can be influenced by others opinions, judgements, they think they can get out of doing badly. Obviously by saying that it really is something important to them etc. Until you form a really close friendship with that person, and you realise they do it because they think they won't excel in the other electives. 

I'm not saying that it's wrong to form your own opinions and offend those who really create pieces of beautiful artworks that truly are, you. But there really are some that join for the sake of choosing an elective, and for the rest of their secondary school years, are not really dedicated to it. If they really had no choice but to choose art, at least TRY to excel in it! I'm not talking about straight A's, but I honestly have a really strong desire to join an art class where everyone really is dedicated. I wouldn't mind competing with many many students that are excellent in art, but i slightly despise those that disrupt the class, or just make the teacher spend unnecessary time just to scold the student.

Not pointing any fingers here lol, guys this is why i wanted to limit my blog readers or even private it, since i might post something offensive or hurtful to others. So, i would apologise sincerely if i have offended any of you in the audience, and note that these are all just my personal opinions.

Thanks for reading.


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