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What the f?

Love is just an illusion. It's what brings us together so we can do what mankind is supposed to do, make babies and carry on the generation. Ever wondered what if there was no such thing as love, and everyday we would just go about doing our own things? Just to make us happy? Isn't happiness just an illusion too? The human kind is never fully satisfied with what we have. We'll always be driven to find our own happiness, somewhere down the road, but when we do, we want even more. Sometimes we come across fear, sadness, anger... they're not real too, right?
They seem so real.

I've always thought about all this, it kind of never left my mind. Every time someone is nice to me, angry at me, or offended by what i said, i never really took it seriously. Because its not real!! They could be super nice to me if they wanted, it doesn't affect me in any way. I know they are extremely nice, and i appreciate that, but i don't really care. Were all lonely on the inside. …