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Shit you should never do unless you're me -PART 6- // So effing messed up idek

It started off as a normal Saturday. I woke up, expecting to brush my teeth, until my private tuition teacher came early, so i didn't have time to change into normal clothing that aren't any of PJs, and i had no time to brush my teeth. You know how much i had to suffer that disgusting taste of not brushing your teeth in the morning, it just feels so icky and smelly and just ew. When i don't brush my teeth in the morning, i can never eat or drink anything until i do. After tuition for about an hour, it was already 10 am. I had about two hours before my next tuition. Normally, you can do a lot within two hours...unless you're like me, where i like to spend an hour and a half on social media. Then, i can rush the rest, like brushing my teeth, eating, bathing, changing, and packing my stuff for tuition. Surely i did not have enough time, and usually i would leave around 12 05 and my tuition starts at 12 30, so i would be early for it as i stay just a 10-15 minute walk from…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 5-

This post might be a teeny bit creepy, but I'm sure its one of them where you're just going to be really... well just see for yourself.

BTW, this actually happened quite recently! A typical day in school passed, and my math class had to stay back for about an hour after school for an extra class to go through a worksheet. Well, i had this friend of mine that had to stay back around 30 minutes after the remedial to do some kind of re-test for math. He asked me to wait for him, so afterwards we could go eat. I waited for him outside the classroom, just hanging out at the classroom corridors looking like a hobo while everyone walks past staring. I was just there, wearing my yellow hoodie all zipped up, and listening to music. A little more than 15 minutes passed, and well i needed to go to the toilet. 
I'm kind of those pussies that don't dare to go somewhere alone if the lights are off, and i usually on the light switch and just wait for the lights to turn on before i en…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 4-

Electronic stores are one of those places that haunts me for life. I have always had a weird feeling when I'm around them, and its not a nice feeling. Its like fear, but sadness at the same time. I could never really remember what exactly happened, but i had a scar on my chin that i have always been intrigued about. I made a decision to ask my mum. I just remember getting hurt on my chin and how, but i don't remember where and what happened afterwards.

Rephrasing from what my mum said, I was in some sort of electronic store(not naming it, so they don't get a bad rep or something) and you know how they always display their TV's, phones, tech stuff all laid out beautifully on flat wooden tables or planks? Just so you know, I am very clumsy. It also just so happens that i was running around the store, i don't even know why, and I tripped. Probably over my own shoe, and landed just right on one of those wooden planks. It was a huge one, and it was just a little above t…

More posts comingggg

Hellooooo. Just a quick update for now, as i haven't blogged in about 5 days? Actually a lot more, because most of my posts are pre-written all at once, and that was A LONG TIME AGO. I swear I've just been getting busier and busier, with art homework occupying most of my time at home. I didn't even have time to publish the ones i pre-written a long time ago, because, well, you guys know i absolutely hate blogging on mobile and my computer takes like an eternity to start up. In the past few days, there were also some interesting ideas that i came up with around like midnight, but i didn't write them down and i forgot them. Damn. What a waste of ideas. Luckily, I kinda had this notebook of blog ideas that I've written a while ago, and i started bringing it everywhere i go so whenever i have an idea, i can just write it down.

Since i have a little free time right now, well while I'm actually supposed to do more art preparatory homework, I'm just gonna be typin…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 3-

Nokia phones. Heavy and brutal. If you've read my previous post on how i managed to get my eyes red and sting a lot, you would expect it would have something to do with my eyes hurting or some shit. Well, its similar!I was in my dad's car, a dark red Honda. I used to have a maid at that time so she was sitting in the back seat, with my sister and i. You see, because my sister never wanted to share anything in the past, even she had to be in the middle of the three of us so i wouldn't "snatch" my maid away. My dad was driving, and my mum was sitting on the front seat, next to my dad.
You would imagine this to be a family filled with joy sitting in a car on the way to the beach, with a scenery full of trees and idk, like the botanical garden everywhere. But nooooo, it wasn't. Bear in mind that this was probably like six or seven years ago, so i was using a Nokia phone back then. I used to carry those tiny sling pouches that could fit my Nokia phone in it and i …
Feelings. They don't just come and go whenever they want to They evolve, possibly into something called love, or hatred. They're always there, maybe that's why they cause pain.

I'm a shitty writer, i know. But i didn't create a blog because i wanted to improve my writing, and not just to reflect on what i wrote in the past. I try so hard to write and express how i feel on here, because i'm too much of a coward to do so in real life.

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 2-

GIRLS! Don't you hate it when your shampoo bottle is all pretty but the shampoo actually sucks? Umm strange question, but lets get on topic!

I used to have some kind of shampoo with a really pretty bottle. It was like a tweety bird design i think, it was pink, which was my favourite colour. Basically, the design of the bottle had this small horizontally shaped water drop, and written on it was "No Tears!". Judging by the words and the shape of the water drop that looked like a tear, I thought it meant like if you were washing your hair and the shampoo accidentally gets in your eye, it wouldn't sting. Actually, that happens a lot, but it does sting haha. I was thinking, if it doesn't hurt when it gets in my eye, i would use only that specific shampoo because i think everything tends to get in my eye. 
I then poured some of the shampoo into my eye, and of course, it hurt. It stung man, a lot. I think i poured out like the amount of shampoo that could fit onto my pa…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 1-

Remember those times when we all wished to be able to fly? Yeah, i think after an incident where i tried to fly, caused my fear of heights. Flight, sometimes seems so easy to birds, but why can't humans fly? I mean I've heard of people trying to fly by attaching some type of wing-like cloth on their arms, but i guess humans are just too heavy.

When i was five, or so, like many other children, wished to be able to fly. I was extremely desperate. You know how much i wished every night to grow wings like those Stella had from Winx Club? So i tried flying. When you're small like me, maybe tiny, everything seems really huge right? I stood tall facing the side of my mum's bed, placed a tiny mattress on my "landing area" and set off. Jumped. Flew. Whatever.

Little did i know, actually i knew, i just never bothered to take notice of the shaky worn-out gigantic wooden cupboard behind my landing area. I just "flew" straight into my cupboard, sort of injuring …

--UPDATE 2--

I'm thinking of starting some kind of short story thing that i will post once a week. It'll be about me embarrassing myself, my clumsiness, i don't know. Stuff that makes me cringe and want to forget. I think it'll be really entertaining when I'm older. I'm going to call it: "
Shit you should never do unless you're me!"
How does that sound? I like it!



If you've been catching up on my recent blogposts, and you know all that's been happening, from me changing blog content to trying to post more often, I (kind of) have decided to post at least once every week. Just tryna start slow first, as I'm a hardcore procrastinator and sometimes i can't be bothered to post. Maybe I'll finally continue one of my draft posts and publish them tomorrow!
How 'bout that?


Up's and Down's

You know what sucks? Being sick. Before your period, and on your period.

The past school week has been just...i really don't know how to say it man. There's just been many up's and down's, and its getting really tiring. Monday was youth day, so there wasn't any school, so that was okay.

Tuesday was neutral, but i had that tingly bit of excitement because someone I've been missing so much is back. Heehee, you know that feeling when you haven't seen someone you love so long and they finally come back? It's a nice feeling. Makes me all squirmish and happy, lol. Then when you manage to talk to them after so long, its just indescribable.
Bad new was, I came down with a slight fever and sore throat, probably from eating too many oreos, junk food, and sitting in a cold room skyping with a friend all day. It's all worth it though.

Wednesday, siiggghhhhhh... sore throat got even worse, and my fever got worse, subsided, and got worse again. Glad to see a cert…