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Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 8- *EXAM EDITION*

Taking a look from the title, you would think "How does shit even happen during exams?" There are times where i do fuck up in my examinations, but those are because i didn't study. This one is a little more painful and embarrassing.
Today was my first exam of the EOY exams. It was my english paper. Apparently, the exam was held in the hall for the sec threes instead of the normal classrooms. Probably because they want us to get used to the kind of arrangement for our 'N' or 'O's. The incident happened during my writing paper, the first paper of the day.

I had just finished writing my essays and had a little bit of spare time for checking. I was also counting the words in my essay. Nothing would go wrong, right? NOT.
If it were a movie, i'd  call it "Uneyexpected"

As the hall was open, there was actually a lot of wind just blowing everywhere. While i was checking flipping my paper, the scariest thing happened. The side of my paper cut a littl…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 7-

Typical Saturday, but without the rushing for tuition. Luckily, i didn't step into another darn construction site. But this one huuuurrrttt.

My sister and i decided to go to mac about an hour before my tuition for breakfast. We chat and ate at the same time, and spent a lot of good sibling quality time together. Later on, around 10 minutes before my tuition started, i decided to go buy a hot latte at mac. So my tuition is actually really near mac, its in the same building. There wasn't really much time for me to drink it all before tuition and i didn't want to risk any spillage on my tuition table. (yes they allow food and drinks in my tuition class.)
I said goodbye to my sister, and walked up the escalator with my latte on the way to tuition. I managed to get off the escalator without any accidents lol. I was on the second floor of the building, a floor below where i have my tuition, and decided to go to the second floor toilet like i always do.

I was walking and walking,…


The "P" word. Let's talk about periods today!! :D
Maybe it's just me, but i don't find anything embarrassing about talking about them, i mean (almost)every girl gets them right? I don't understand why it's considered as taboo. 
I hope I'm not the only one that gets really bad mood swings before my period, i mean there was once where i actually cried because i didn't have enough milk to dip my oreos in. I get super emotional about a week before and i don't even realise it until my period starts. It's like my hormones just start raging up and whenever a friend does something wrong accidentally, i start sending all the long "i can't fucking stand you"/"why do you have to do this to me" whatsapp messages to some of my friends, and they just pour in non stop. Afterwards, i get so bothered by all of it that cry continuously until like 3am until i fall asleep. It's that bad, and it happens for like a whole week, and th…

Trust and insecurity issues

My September holidays are ending reaaaallll soon, and I'd like to talk about some personal topics before school starts! OH and the haze is getting really bad lately so i advise you guys to drink a lot of water and stay healthy or something! xD

Today i wanted to talk about some issues that I've stated in my title, that's right, trust and insecurity issues. I think that insecurities and trust issues are connected, you might have a few insecurities that have led you into not being able to trust someone. When it comes to talking about insecurities, there are:

physical appearance insecuritiesrelationship/friendship stability insecurities When it comes to physical appearances, most people are insecure about the things that can't change, or don't make the effort to change. For example, you can't change your breast size unless you go for surgery, but most people can't afford it. There's also one of the most common kinds of insecurities, like weight or height. So…


Earlier this morning, my sister left home for her first ever camp. It's the first time she's away from home without our family so I'm not sure how she'll be like over in camp. I remember hating that primary five camp, high elements just weren't really my forte. I'd imagine it being worse for my sister as she often complains about heights giving her a sharp pain in her chest? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm gonna miss her while she's away.

Even though I'm constantly complaining about her being really irritating, for once i think i might miss her ramblings about Troye Sivan. For goodness sake, she won't ever shut up about him lol. Actually it's not that i miss her, its i miss her presence, The house just gets really without her youtube videos being my background noise.

Good news is, more alone time means more alone business. ;) NAH JUST KIDDING! Just hope she gets back real quick, or I'm about to go crazy. I'm not the …

Sept Hols

The September holidays just started, and so far nothing really embarrassing happened to me recently, so its been a good week! Just talking about holidays makes me remember my exams are coming in about three weeks. Guess what? I haven't started any revision. I really need to buck up on my science and my Chinese. For the first time in like, forever, i failed my Chinese really badly. It was my best subject, and suddenly its my worst. I just hope i don't procrastinate so much this week. I have lots of art homework to complete too.

Anyways, yesterday i went to USS with a couple of friends and yeah it was fun. I don't have many pictures since we had express pass and were all chiong-ing to the rides xD I remember the first ride i took was the huge red one, i think it was called human or something. It was my first time taking it and i heard it's a little more scary because they made it two seater and its less bumpy than last time. I'm not really a roller coaster fanatic, …