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Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 7-

Typical Saturday, but without the rushing for tuition. Luckily, i didn't step into another darn construction site. But this one huuuurrrttt.

My sister and i decided to go to mac about an hour before my tuition for breakfast. We chat and ate at the same time, and spent a lot of good sibling quality time together. Later on, around 10 minutes before my tuition started, i decided to go buy a hot latte at mac. So my tuition is actually really near mac, its in the same building. There wasn't really much time for me to drink it all before tuition and i didn't want to risk any spillage on my tuition table. (yes they allow food and drinks in my tuition class.)
I said goodbye to my sister, and walked up the escalator with my latte on the way to tuition. I managed to get off the escalator without any accidents lol. I was on the second floor of the building, a floor below where i have my tuition, and decided to go to the second floor toilet like i always do.

I was walking and walking, then i don't know what happened i tripped. Maybe on my own foot. Now, you would guess that the latte spilled all over me. Nooooo.
Y'know those little covers for hot drinks that starbucks or any kind of coffee shop gives you? The kinds with the lock and the sippy square thing. Like this

The tiny little hole from the cover was open, and the hot scalding latte came jumping up and splashing into my left nostril. MY NOSTRILS. IT WAS SCALDING HOT. My nostrils ended up getting slightly scalded, and a lot of coffee ended up inside my nose. The whole time during tuition was really uncomfortable, because it constantly felt like i still had coffee in my nose (i think i still did). It's like the feeling when you have water in your ear and can't get it out. The coffee obviously cooled down, and because my tuition class had really cold air conditioning, the coffee in my nose was really cold. Imagine how irritable that would feel??!!

At the same time, i was super worried the coffee would start dripping down bit by bit from my nostrils during class, especially if the teacher is talking to me. As my teacher does not teach a whole class at a time, its like one to one but in a class.
Ewww lol.

Sorry everyone, but pardon my disability to end off a post properly. I just don't know how without it sounding like "xoxo, RaeRae" or some weird shit i can't seem to type now.


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