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Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 8- *EXAM EDITION*

Taking a look from the title, you would think "How does shit even happen during exams?" There are times where i do fuck up in my examinations, but those are because i didn't study. This one is a little more painful and embarrassing.
Today was my first exam of the EOY exams. It was my english paper. Apparently, the exam was held in the hall for the sec threes instead of the normal classrooms. Probably because they want us to get used to the kind of arrangement for our 'N' or 'O's. The incident happened during my writing paper, the first paper of the day.

I had just finished writing my essays and had a little bit of spare time for checking. I was also counting the words in my essay. Nothing would go wrong, right? NOT.
If it were a movie, i'd  call it " Uneyexpected"

As the hall was open, there was actually a lot of wind just blowing everywhere. While i was checking flipping my paper, the scariest thing happened. The side of my paper cut a little of the outer layer of my right  eye. IT JUST FLEW IN LIKE IDEK. Luckily the paper didn't head straight for my eye, it was just a slight graze. Obviously the exam hall did not have a mirror, so my eye was just tearing up really bad as i closed it. At that time it kind of looked like a failed wink, because my eye was like closed and my right cheek was like moving upwards and shit.

Kind of like this :

Actually it was uglier, but since i used my non dominant hand and it was drawn using paint, i couldn't exactly capture the ugliness during the situation itself.

During that moment when i was making that face, there were a few teachers in front of my row. I wasn't sure, but i think they saw me making that face so i was a little embarrassed. Like what if they thought i was winking at them? Or they knew what happened in the situation that caused me to make that face??!! Who even expects that to happen during a damn exam? I was super afraid that if the paper made a deep cut until there was blood and I'd need to go to the hospital and shit, so i constantly rubbed my eye to see if anything was coming out of it. Well, nothing did. So i was in fact very lucky that i did not injure myself seriously during an exam. I could have gone blind or something due to my paper ;(

I was just hiding myself from everyone, lying on my arms faced down so no one would see my eye tear up, what if they thought i was crying because i knew i wouldn't do well and i cry weirdly like one eyed crying???

I am that paranoid. I'm also a major klutz. If you've read my other embarrassing shits you would know :(


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