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Second Blog Anniversary!

On every 24th of October, my blog officially becomes one year older. In this case, my blog is now two years old! This post is also one day late. Heh. I don't want to talk much about what my blog has been through, why i started blogging or times where i felt like quitting the blogosphere, because i have already blogged about all that in my blog's first anniversary.

But of course, i'd like to thank all of you for taking time to read my blogposts, and the special lot of you that comment or email me about what you think and give me feedback. I really appreciate it! First of all, this might be a slightly rushed post because of certain things that led me to delete my pre written draft post for its second anniversary, and my computer got confiscated! The initial post i wrote was actually totally different from my current one and i honestly HAVE NO IDEA what to post right now! I just decided to explain to all of you what happened because if i didn't then i'd really have n…

What happens next?

If you're someone that tends to read articles or captions about knowing he's the one, or something about falling hopelessly in love with someone, then this is for you. Well, maybe.

Obviously he's not mine to lose, he's not even mine to love for fucks sake. (excuse my language) It's not about the way he treats me that made me fall hopelessly in love with him, i mean of course that played a part, but i never felt much about that before.
But there was something that just made me lose control over my own life. It led me to feel overwhelmed with joy yet frustrated at the same time. 
It wasn't even much to begin with, but when he grabbed the back of my hand, time froze. Accidental or on purpose i don't even know, but i could feel everything. And I'm not trying to exaggerate anything here. Maybe everyone in class stopped talking or stopped moving. There was no movement. The background was blur, and all i could see was him and i; i mean my hand. I can still fee…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 9-

It's been a while, maybe a week or so since my last post, and i decided to make a new one about my embarrassing adventures!!
This one was one of the "scarring" things that happened to me because i had to live with it for like almost a year.

It all started in Primary five. I was young, naive, dumb and had no common sense. Well actually I still am. My bangs had grown really long, so i went to the hairdresser to cut it for me nicely. I actually expected it to be really nice after the haircut, but it was actually really uneven. I hated it. That wasn't the worse yet!
I went home thinking i could cut it myself. I was aiming for some kind of straight bangs look, and obviously it failed. I was trying to be really precise with my cutting and tried to make it really even. Unfortunately, it wasn't. So i kept on cutting bit by bit, slowly from my eyebrow area to half of my forehead.
I ended up getting really frustrated. And i thought that if i were to just cut my bangs off, …

Working out instead of revising hais

Happy October! With my exams right around the corner, i find it a little harder to make time to update my blog. If you have been reading most of my blogposts, you would know that i absolutely hate the blogger app on mobile. If i did like the blogger app however, i would probably be able to update my blog or create drafts as early as 6 30am, as it is the time where i usually sit in the bus and text my friends or listen to music. 
Luckily, i managed to find time just to create this blogpost.  Let's begin!

About late September, i started working out. Like seriously working out, especially ab workouts and cardio. I don't go to the gym because well, i mean i can't really workout with people watching or knowing i'm there. I prefer to do workouts alone. I would have this calendar sort of thing with a variation of ab workouts to do each day for a month, and the number of reps increases by day. 

Besides the calendar, i actually search for some ab or cardio workout related vide…