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Second Blog Anniversary!

On every 24th of October, my blog officially becomes one year older. In this case, my blog is now two years old! This post is also one day late. Heh. I don't want to talk much about what my blog has been through, why i started blogging or times where i felt like quitting the blogosphere, because i have already blogged about all that in my blog's first anniversary.

But of course, i'd like to thank all of you for taking time to read my blogposts, and the special lot of you that comment or email me about what you think and give me feedback. I really appreciate it!
First of all, this might be a slightly rushed post because of certain things that led me to delete my pre written draft post for its second anniversary, and my computer got confiscated! The initial post i wrote was actually totally different from my current one and i honestly HAVE NO IDEA what to post right now! I just decided to explain to all of you what happened because if i didn't then i'd really have nothing else to write. I am also writing this on the actual day which i don't usually do. Which is why i took a few days to write this.

27th October

Yes, i took approximately four days before i came up with something. 
Unfortunately,  i had a writer's block for a couple of days. But i finally came up with something just a while ago during the first stage of "Raewen's emotional bed time routine". Its kind of a cheesy short story. No judge. Dadadada.


28th February, 6 57 am

The sky is hardly showing any signs of the drizzle stopping, and its so dark out here you would think its 11pm at night. 
Guess what? I have no umbrella. Great job Raewen, I'll be drenched for school. 
It's been such a long while and I'm still stuck in the rain. 

A gush of wind sends shivers down my spine. 

I see something from the corner of my eye. It's a person; who's that? I turn around just to catch a quick glimpse.

"Shit its him." I run to a nearby sign to hide myself from being seen. Sometimes i even wonder why i hide from him. He's so perfect. 

Too late i guess. How do i save myself from looking stupid?

"RAEWEN" He shouts, his voice is slightly nasal, as if he had a cold. I shut my eyes tightly and turn around opening the windows of my soul, certainly risking myself from embarrassment this time. 

He carries a green coloured umbrella that looks slightly worn out and approaches me. 
"Uhh do you wanna share?" He says awkwardly as the rain grows heavier. 
"Sure." Stage one. 

The light flashes green

We head towards school while making small chit chats along the way.

"I remember seeing a dead rat here" I said, while pointing to the grass along the pavement on our left. The grass had a green-brown sickly colour, not pleasing to the eye.

"Really? Could you have taken a picture? " He spoke. His eyes were wide open and he sounded as curious as a baby.

"Nah. I heard if you take pictures of dead things, it'll come back to haunt you. And i don't reckon i want a dead rat appearing in my dreams at night and scaring the heck out of me" 

We both giggled thinking of that scenario, whilst trying to imagine how the rat would haunt us. Stage two.

Once in a while i would keep looking at him, he was just so beautiful. Not in a weird girl way. I could see his eyelashes flutter as he spoke, and sometimes i envy his long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. I compared his eyebrows to my thin pair. Don't you think boys never really appreciate how pretty their eyelashes or brows are?  Stage three. 

The tempo of the rain slowly became slower and lighter, soon on the gentle pitter patter of the rain increased speed and came pouring down again.

"Damnit. Why must it rain again. It just stopped. " I remarked loudly, as if cursing the sky.

"Well at least you've got me! Uh i mean the umbrella."
I could feel the rain slowly stopping once again.

I sighed, not that he noticed. He was almost like rain, i suppose. Stage two.

As we walked into the school gates, that most can call a shelter for once, i could see him struggling to close his umbrella. 

"Don't mind me. You can go ahead first. I'll catch up." He said as quickly as he could. Embarrassed from not being able to close a simple umbrella. 

"Lemme help ya" I hip butted him to the side as i close his umbrella for him.

"You couldn't have done it if i didn't try to close it first. But thanks anyways."

"Of course." I said, rolling my eyes discreetly.
Geez, what's it with some men and their "show offy" abilities. 

We walked into the secluded school corridors and were quieter this time. We didn't really speak even though we were walking side by side.

I couldn't stop thinking about the past year, how i tried so hard to make him like me. I'm not even sure if he did. Sometimes it felt like it, sometimes it didn't. 

It reminded me of the incident on his birthday. I had given him a small gift, and he was a little shocked, as no one else had given him anything. He looked super enthusiastic to open it and kept thanking me for it.
"You're a wonderful person, and kinda cute too" he said.
I was completely smitten. Unfortunately, he forgot i even gave him a gift soon after. My heart just broke. 

I turned my face towards him. He had the face of guilt and looked as if he regretted approaching me.

He was just like rain, so unpredictable. Maybe if we never had started talking in the first place, everything would be just fine.

No. Soon he'll stop right? And everything will be alright and I'll be happy again. 

Just like rain. Stage one.


THERE! Hope you like it! I couldn't complete it last night so i spent my whole bus ride completing the story on mobile, even though I ABSOLUTELY HATE blogging on mobile. So sacrificing the time i could use to listen to my Disney soundtrack better be worth it. HAHAHA.


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