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Working out instead of revising hais

Happy October!
With my exams right around the corner, i find it a little harder to make time to update my blog. If you have been reading most of my blogposts, you would know that i absolutely hate the blogger app on mobile. If i did like the blogger app however, i would probably be able to update my blog or create drafts as early as 6 30am, as it is the time where i usually sit in the bus and text my friends or listen to music. 

Luckily, i managed to find time just to create this blogpost. 
Let's begin!

About late September, i started working out. Like seriously working out, especially ab workouts and cardio. I don't go to the gym because well, i mean i can't really workout with people watching or knowing i'm there. I prefer to do workouts alone. I would have this calendar sort of thing with a variation of ab workouts to do each day for a month, and the number of reps increases by day. 

Besides the calendar, i actually search for some ab or cardio workout related videos to do afterwards. Fortunately, i didn't lose any motivation or whatever because it would actually be my first time working out in like my whole life. I have been constantly doing my workouts regularly with a break every three or four days after working out, and i am quite happy with my results. Not that i am fat, but my tummy is really fat. Like it always has those fat folds that i have WISHED for to go away, but it doesn't. However, ever since i started working out they disappeared, and i have also cut down on junk food and coke(lol). I am actually halfway through my calendar, and once i reach the end, i think i'll go find a new calendar lol. 

To all of you people that always wanted to workout but haven't started yet, please go start. It actually boosts your mood, well in my case i guess. I've actually become addicted to working out, like the pain you get the next day in your core or other muscle groups feel really REALLY great. Actually, my only reason for working out was because i desperately wanted abs, and for now my upper abs are more defined, but i still have that pooch in my lower belly. Some say your eating habits contribute to the pooch, and that working out only helps like 20% or what idek. 

The time i started working out though is really a bad time, because the exams were really near. Well, worth it i guess. I mean, a couple of exam papers are over already and they were quite okay. 

Can't believe i'm saying this but, 
life is getting better.
better body
better grades (actually i'm not fully sure about that)
better mood
better confidence
you know that feel when you haven't talked to someone in a long time and you miss that person so much and one day that person smiles at you with a watermelon in their mouth? yeah :3
you know that feel when he shaved today and suddenly the area above his lips looks so smooth and bootyful?
you know that feel when after 5 million years you finally make the decision to start afresh and actually DO something about a current situation?

I'm not sure if it was because i started working out, but i've become happier. I usually am very happy but EVEN HAPPIER!!


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