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Goodbye 2015!

2015 has been a hell of a ride. There were lots of new experiences, new feelings, and i changed. A lot.
As 2015 is coming to an end in about two hours, i decided to share with you all my highlights of 2015! All of them mean a lot to me, and is pretty much unforgettable, as some are kind of embarrassing. Well, a good embarrassing. 
(not in any order)
1. I managed to actually confess to someone for the first time! With some help of course ;)  It was really nerve-wracking, to be honest. At least i don't regret it.

2. I got to hangout with my bestie that i haven't seen in over a year, three days before 2016!

3. I became less of a softie and started standing up for myself a little bit? I think that's a geat achievement actually.

4. I started working out!

5. Doing something productive started becoming a little less of a chore to do, and i stopped procrastinating as much.

6. My crush called me cute >.< (okay super subjective a…

That girl

That tiny girl. The one with pigtails and brown eyeglass frames. She would get laughed at because one side of her glasses were always higher than the other. She was always so naive, so inexplicably slow-witted, and would sometimes get bullied due to her short stature.
Back in kindergarten, she used to mix with a group of boys. Everyday during their breaks, they would gather in a small circle sharing things with each other. One of her fond memories, one that she could never forget due to its weird yet innocent...behaviour, was also within that group of friends. When they gathered in their little circle, one of the boys brought up the topic on making sounds with your armpits, otherwise known as armpit farts. She started learning from them too, they taught her how to do it, how to "train" that skill, and how to make it easier to do...using soap. She would do it in the bathroom everyday, and her parents often wondered how she learnt that little habit. To her parents, they thoug…

Puppy love? Or nah?

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this before, but this is another post that has to do with crushes. I think i would have mentioned different parts of myself in different posts about crushes, so I'm just going to put it all together here. I'm not going to do any research on this topic about why this or why that, because i believe that i am entitled to my own opinions and theories on these sort of things.

I fall too easily. Way too easily. I used to have more than one or two crushes at a time, and even though i know i won't ever have a future with them, i can't choose between them. Surely, most of them are minor crushes, like when i find someone attractive, and suddenly they start talking to me, then i begin to assume a lot of things and end up falling for them even more. If i don't see them a lot, then of course i start to forget about them maybe about a week after. Yes. A week later, at minimum. 
Some of those minor ones would be like that one dude i met …

another of raewen's awkward sub-conscious situations

This isn't really going to be a very humorous post, or anything emotional of the sort. HAAHHA. Just thought i'd share something with ya'll so i don't start being inactive on the blogosphere.

It happened this very Saturday morning...i was on the way to my nearby supermarket to get some pasta sauce and frozen salmon(lol?). As usual i exited my house but i took a different route, because previously there was some undergoing renovation that kinda just finished, and now there's this sheltered pathway near my house. So i was strolling under the sheltered pathway, having a hell of a time enjoying the view of polluted air and crowded traffic, then out of the blue, a blue car (lololl did you see what i did there) that was heading the opposite of my direction, appeared. Actually i didn't notice it appearing yet but hwahtehverre lets just continue

What do you think happens next?

Well, apparently the passenger window was winded down and there was a head peeking out, without…

Finally a post after so long!!

I haven't blogged in a while, so my typing skills are getting a teeny bit rusty, but i'll just post a short update on what's been happening lately in the holidays.. Not something too serious, you know...maybe releasing some tension from my previous post.

Even though the holidays started a long time ago, the month of November has been filled with lots of activities that required me to go back to school or have lots of tuition, so i can finally say that my holidays have officially started.

At home there hasn't really been anything much for me to i got into some gaming and binge watching The Walking Dead and some Taiwanese dramas for some reason lol. I don't even know why, but its like i've been eating loads and loads of ice cream. I don't normally crave for so much ice cream, but its been out of control lately! I started playing runescape a lot too, and some other games that i quit approximately two years ago. Luckily, i think i'm more productive …