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another of raewen's awkward sub-conscious situations

This isn't really going to be a very humorous post, or anything emotional of the sort. HAAHHA. Just thought i'd share something with ya'll so i don't start being inactive on the blogosphere.

It happened this very Saturday morning...i was on the way to my nearby supermarket to get some pasta sauce and frozen salmon(lol?). As usual i exited my house but i took a different route, because previously there was some undergoing renovation that kinda just finished, and now there's this sheltered pathway near my house. So i was strolling under the sheltered pathway, having a hell of a time enjoying the view of polluted air and crowded traffic, then out of the blue, a blue car (lololl did you see what i did there) that was heading the opposite of my direction, appeared. Actually i didn't notice it appearing yet but hwahtehverre lets just continue

What do you think happens next?

Well, apparently the passenger window was winded down and there was a head peeking out, without me noticing until the head started screaming "EHEHEH" I turned to my left, and gave a weird looking stare, aka the stare i give when i don't understand a shit thats happening. AND just to let you know,

that is a rare raewen face. Super rare raewen, lyk 4 gud luck. ignor or u will b honted.

Yeah so before i came to my senses and realised that it was some dude, we were having some sort of weird staring contest as he drove past. I was giving him a "wtf weird eyebrow stare", and he was just giving me that laughy/smiley face. It took me about 2 minutes before i became conscious and could finally comprehend what exactly happened during that seven second situation. I recognised that dude, but we haven't talked in a million years, besides a birthday wish a few weeks ago, that i wouldn't expect him to even call out to me.

He's cute so its okay.

 Oh and DID I MENTION, since i was just heading to the supermarket, i did not wear anything that was at least fashionably decent and appealing. I was literally a walking fashion disaster.

Uhhh please don't tell me that when you read the sentence " i was just heading to the supermarket, i did not wear anything" you thought i wasn't wearing anything?

That is all, but i think i could've at least dressed better. (cue regretty sad face)


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