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Short update post!!

Helloooo everyone,

This isn't really going to be much of an interesting post or anything, its just to update you (regular)readers that i won't be posting as much now due to my N levels this year and a couple of other exams. Usually i wouldn't care as much about exams, but i really want to work hard for this. I really, really want to improve my subjects, and I'll definitely be staying for my O's even though I've heard it's really difficult for Normal Academic students?

After my O's, hopefully i do well enough that i get to enter the polytechnic i want and pursue psychology as I'm actually quite interested in studying human behaviour...and just maybe, i might become a psychologist in the future, or maybe some kind of social worker that just gets to volunteer and contribute and help others with the problems they are facing!

My next post wouldn't be very soon, and maybe I'll only be able to update my blog about once a month. But when i do, it…