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Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 11-

This happened around late January, we(friends and i) were having some sort of serious meeting with our teacher due to some cca things we had to handle.
If you know me, you'd probably think i made a fool of myself.
Yes. That is true.
(this is one of those embarrassing short stories where i use paint to explain things so it'd be useful in trying to get y'all to understand what i'm saying, but i'll ne drawing it out in real life this time) I didn't use any photo references to draw it since i was too lazy to search up the positions so i basically free-drawed(if that's a word) this. I suck at drawing side profiles so you know, brace yourself.
We were sitting in a circle, not really, maybe an oval, but you get the point. We were all almost equally spaced apart with my teacher standing and briefing us on different matters in the middle. Most of us were sitting cross legged and paying attention, but i was not paying attention. (lolololol bad leader) It looked kind …


It's been a while since my last post, how are y'all doing? It was probably less than a month and lets just say the "Shit you should never do unless you're me" series won't be ending just yet.

I'm currently sitting on my new pink chair, dressed in my spongebob nightgown and baggy pink pants...and i am ready to start ttTTYYPPPIINNNGG!! I've been pretty much the same since i won't be going back to MY to visit any of my relatives this CNY, sooo i'll most probably be baking stuff and playing runescape (i haven't played in a loooong time)

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year! I'm guessing most of you are more productive than i am, so you'll be out having fun??? I'm just going to binge on my dark chocolate and continuously wince in pain due to stomach cramps.
I really like dark chocolate. dON'T YOU?