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It has been about a month since i last blogged, and I AM BACCCCKKK! So sorry for the lack of posts recently, but i really have had no time to bog at all. I was just really busy, and my week would always be occupied with tuition or cca. I remember having to participate in the Total Defence UG parade and there were trainings almost twice every week before the real parade, then when the real thing was finally over, i had a one day break before i began training for another parade. Then there was tuition, and even my weekends weren't free. I had to attend an event that was cca related, and missed out on two lessons of tuition because of it. Trying to arrange a make-up session was also extremely frustrating since i wasn't free on other days.

When it was nearing the end of the month, i had my annual school camp. I have always been really excited for the camp because we would have our night hike which would be from around 10 pm to 4 am. It was a three day one night camp since on the first day we were released around 8 45 to go home and get some rest before we began the next day.

The camp started off really well, with games and such. The first day was pretty fun, and most of the time we were slacking or preparing for some campfire thingy that had no campfire and was renamed some other thing that didn't consist of the word "campfire" since our school couldn't have a campfire so it was-basically a class talent show. The sad thing about the camp is that no phones were allowed so we couldn't take any pictures, so i have nothing to show you.


On the first day, there was this lesson that was supposed to be talking about "me and my dreams" (i tried correcting everyone to say "my dreams and i" but they all said it sounded weird and i wasn't even sure if that was correct so okay fine) and it required us to be creative and draw or write or use the plasticine or clay provided to mold and shape our dreams and shit like that. Obviously no one really cared about that shit, so most of us just used the clay to make whatever we wanted.

 I don't know why, but i started making a cute little mushroom with a face and cute eyes and really tiny hands and legs. Then some idiot squished my mushroom head so it stuck to the mushroom's face and it looked like it had an afro, so i tried making another mushroom. It didn't turn out as well as the first one pre-afro because i used a different type of fancier clay which dried really fast.

I ended up squishing the second one and combining it with more plasticine and clay to make this huuggeee ball and pressed it down so it was flat. I  used my bottle to roll it so it was like this huge flat piece of dough. Don't know what went over me but i held that piece of plasticine and spun it round and started throwing it at my friends and we started having this prata fight and we were cracking up so hard we were on the floor, and our teacher didn't mind! Can i just say that it was bigger than four man hands stretched out?

I'm just gonna skip the other parts and go straight to that "not a campfire prep" So our class was given two sheets of paper which said that our class had to do a musical performance and also sing a song called "under the sea". I don't know why, but i agreed on doing that under the sea shit with my other friends and we rehearsed and done everything till we were happy with it.

During the real thing, the mic was too soft and so we were super soft no one could really hear us. Honestly i didn't really regret it, since it was kind of my first time doing such a thing with so little people, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. After everything ended, i went home exhausted and i haven't even finished packing for the next day, so i did it all last minute.


Woke up in the morning around 5 30, my usual school timing and managed to get ready in time before 6 30 when i would head out of the house- UNTIL, i had to sort of force my friend to come for camp when she suddenly realised the lost her sleeping bag and was too embarrassed to come HAHAAHAHA hi i see you

We finally came to a decision whereby i would share my sleeping bag with her so yay. When we arrived in school, we had our usual morning assembly and had to go to the hall to listen to a talk by some motivational speaker, which i think is the first speaker that doesn't get annoying by being overly positive?? So that was pretty cool listening to that dude, then we had this mock interview thing to prepare us for our future and shit like that.

Actually, on the day itself we were supposed to bring formal attire(or we can wear our full uni) to change into for the interview and fine dining part, but most people didn't really care. I think its also heavily based on whether you can afford the attire or not too? I mean like not everyone has nice formal clothing. Initially i did want to wear formal attire, but i had no formal shoes. I don't even have many shoes. It's just a pair of school shoes, two pairs of sports shoes, a pair of really casual slippers and a pair of slightly less casual slippers. That's it, really.

Back on topic, i didn't really care much for the interview that we were supposed to prepare for by typing out our own resume, CV, cover letter, things like that, hell, we even had a workshop 4-5 days earlier to inform us about all this. I basically came into the classroom empty handed, forgot to shake hands with the interviewer, but surprisingly did quite well for the speaking part. I mean what could go wrong? It was really funny how it was written that i was confident, knowledgeable, and other things like that, but really, i am a retard.

After the interview, we finally got to eat!! It was fine dining so you know, me. I obviously suck at fine dining. FFS, i belong at kopitiam. I was looking under the long tables and i realised that they were just our classroom tables placed side by side with a fancy table cloth on top. -laughs- The food was good though, but i kind of struggled with trying to cut into a piece of chicken "fancily" because i wasn't used to doing this at all. Oh and there was this woman that came to our table to show a couple of us how to cut into the chicken since people were struggling, and when she was done i was whispering to my friend that she was really pretty, and i accidentally whispered too loud and she turned around and was like "oh thank you" smiling. Oops.

We had another two hour+ talk on grooming and social etiquette afterwards and that was pretty okay too. No comments. The speaker was also the same speaker that i indirectly complimented earlier on. HAHAHA

We had our tea, went back to class and we had this "rest" period where everyone would be in their own classes where you get to sleep, so the girls and guys were all together in the same class that they were from.

I never expected this, but apparently everyone was asleep in my class. One of my classmate was sleeping on top of the lockers, and i really admire how he's able to do that like i'd roll off immediately?? There were also a couple sleeping on the tables combined together, some were sleeping on the floor. I took four chairs and placed them side to side horizontally, with some chairs facing the front and some facing the back to i would have protection and wouldn't fall off. I used my sleeping bag as a pillow and managed to fall asleep, but kept waking up because i felt like i was falling.

Next was our dinner. I didn't really have appetite, but i forced myself to eat so i wouldn't go hungry for the night hike-i still did. There was this MRT challenge thing before the night hike which was also really fun, and my group was really fun as well, and i could bond with others that i never really talked to before.

Lastly, it was the night hike. The one most of us had been waiting for. The night hike was supposed to be a six hour hike from vivo to our school, which was at clementi. The route was like, we took the mrt to reach vivo and started with climbing up mount faber, through the henderson wave thing, and some other places that i forgot. Some say it was 17 kilometers, and some say it was at least 20 kilometers. For all i know, it was at least 12 km. We started around 10 pm, and reached school around 4 am. It was indeed really tiring, the hike was seriously no joke man. There were also mini stations throughout the hike before the middle which had games where we had to bond and everything, there was one station which was just tiring as shit. We were on this wavey bridge and had to be in push up position at all times, and we had some sort of quiz. If we got an answer wrong, three push ups, and the painful thing wasn't the push ups, but the bridge we were on. They were wooden planks and my knees were hurting while trying not to slip on the planks and when i got up, there were lines and dents from the wood. My feet (thankfully) weren't really affected until the last kilometer or so, and i wasn't tired at all. Which was really weird, since i don't like to stay up late. Overall, i'm quite happy that we did it, and my body was aching horribly afterwards, but it was all worth it.

I remember reaching the midpoint of the hike, and we were the first class to reach, so we had to wait for the whole cohort before we could start moving off and thus we had lots of time to slack. It was about 2 or 3 am, and we were in little gatherings talking and telling really lame jokes which everyone thought was hilarious. Our facils were not bad too, and i could really just communicate with them with no problem, which is what i don't usually do, but damn, my facils were amazing. Everyone was super retarded and high when we were in the middle of the hike. When we started moving off after the other classes arrived, everything was still fun, but everyone got slightly more tired and weren't as active as before.

When we reached school, most of us girls hurried down to the ladies after taking our showering stuff to bathe. The water was immensely cold, but it was soothing, since we couldn't bathe at all on the day we started our night hike, which was the previous day. So we were showering at like 5 am, and then went to sleep afterwards and had to wake up at 9 am for some other activities. The sleep was somewhat horrible, since i had gastric pain, no pillows, and was cold af. I was so high, i woke up in the middle of the night, stared at my friend sleeping next to me. She slept facing down, so her hair was just covering everywhere. There was this pink soft thing sticking out of her hair, and i saw it, felt it for a couple of seconds and legit thought it was her ear. Finally came to a conclusion that i was siao already, and went back to sleep. Woke up, found out that ear was from a pink pillow pig thing with two ears sticking out and was shocked.

Not gonna describe much for the third day, but it involved popping balloons and stuff like that. When i reached home around 12, i bathed and slept all the way until 7. Camp was sweaty, tiring, exhausting, but one of the best camps i've been to, even though i've attended around 10 camps.


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