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I am extremely sorry. The reason why i haven't blogged in almost two months is because i've been incredibly busy. I have had lots of things going on, from marching in parades to art competitions, and trying to juggle everything all at once had given me loads of stress, to the point where i would have mental breakdowns every few days. Currently, most of them have ended, and so are my mid year exams, but i'm not going to dwell much on that. 

Throughout these few 7-8 weeks of not publishing anything, i did actually type out a few draft update posts, but never had the time to complete them as i had other errands to run. Everything has just made me tremendously tired, stressed, and constantly being reminded to do so many things just didn't work out for me at all. I'm going to make this post slightly shorter than my usual posts as i'd probably run out of ideas on what to write and might end up stopping. 

This post just made me sound so scary and fierce so maybe i sho…