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I'm back, for good.

It's been quite a while since i've made a proper blogpost. Not the "update" kinds or the short embarrassing stories. The real, personal ones. And, honestly, its been about three months without me actually writing and expressing myself. I am exploding. Well, don't take it literally or make it sound dirty-like, because i did. I am exploding with thoughts and emotions and everything else that makes me whole. You know that feeling? When you haven't done something that really gives you a certain feeling and some kind of content, but when you do it, its just unimaginable. It's like finally getting a word out after being locked for days, months, and to me, those three months felt like forever.

Sure, i had Twitter to back me up. I come across-and experience many weird, awkward, maybe emotional phases quite a lot, and, sure, Twitter does it. I can easily express myself in a few sentences and feel at least a bit relieved for getting something out. But it doesn'…

Shit you should never do unless you're me! -PART 12-

It's June now and i'm still rather busy, but i decided to do another one of these shit posts! This one is going to be one from my past, and if i recall, it could have endangered my life.
There isn't really a backstory or anything, so i'll just briefly talk about it. I used to be addicted to making little bracelets or necklaces for my mum as gifts, and sometimes i'd just make them everyday for fun. It was basically one of the things i really enjoyed doing when i was younger. I had a few of those really huge pearl beads, and i don't know why, but i stuck two of them into both my nostrils. So just imagine a little girl with unnaturally large nostrils, struggling to get them out of her nose because she couldn't breathe. Don't forget the hyperventilation. That's all