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It's rather personal

Okay so maybe i wasn't exactly back for good, since i haven't updated much the last month after that post, but you know the drill. I complain about how busy i am and then i get on with the story, so i'll just skip the whining this time because i have something else to stress about.

Lately i've been feeling really, really upset. It's not the kind of upset at a certain person or something that was done wrong, but i was upset at myself. I'm not going to name any people involved or whatever, but i'd like to just talk about it here. I started attending this tuition class earlier this year to work on my math, because my math is pretty horrible. First few lessons were okay, the teacher was nice, but i was extremely slow. I'm pretty much the slowest in the class. My math started improving quite a bit, and i could actually beat a number of my friends, or at least get a decent score in my exams. So, that's the good part. But i didn't really mention that m…