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I've realised something- I haven't been too honest with myself. I'm talking about feelings, thoughts, anything that comes to mind. And I haven't been honest with you, too, those on my blog right now. For those that have been reading my blog for the past almost three years, the first year was fun. Pure, innocent, a 13 year old discovering herself, basically. Second year, a tad bit more emotional and personal. A bit of a break from blogging though, and definitely improvements in my writing. Made some friends online, it was fun.
Remember that affiliates linking thing I had? And that little chat box? Unfortunately, because of my content that has evolved through the years, I removed anything that could link people to my blog. Third year, come on. I pretty much stopped blogging for half a year I think, and mainly because I've gotten busy and I stopped trusting my blog. I've been afraid, you know? So afraid of people finding out how I feel and how I think. I don'…
The third blogoversary is in a few days now, and i honestly don't have much prepared to post because i'm just rotting at home. But since this is merely a life blog, i'm just gonna say some things to my future self.
1. Stop over reacting
2. Stop being so paranoid
3. You know that saying all this won't help with your paranoia, but just calm down.
4. Everything is gonna be fineeee

Anyway, i don't have much left. To be honest, i'm not sure if i've just forgotten that this MY blog and i can post anything i want, but i think i've gotten a little afraid of revealing my feelings. I have all these secrets and everything that are so hard to just express and even tiny things can be hidden through simple questions and i can't even tell people the reasons why i don't want to do this or i don't want to do that. I don't have anything to hide, honestly, but i'm just afraid that whatever i say will be used against me. This also made me feel really gu…

Why i haven't been active-the usual, and a little storytelling

...Gosh, i feel horrible. I didn't exactly return to blogging as i hoped and said i would. You know. Busy busy busy, but maybe this time its not just that. Its about priorities. Blogging is really important to me as it lets me to release all kinds of stress i felt in the day, but it's just not that big of a priority at the moment since i have so much more to do. I honestly can't even believe how my life has changed so fast, in many aspects. For time, i know its pretty expected since we all seem to get busier as we grow older, but it's really a huge change for me compared to when i first entered secondary school.

The first two years were really really slack-ish for me. My best friend and i used to hang out almost everyday of the week after school, and sometimes even past my curfew. Maybe its just early teenage rebellion that caused all that, but wow... i was really free back then.

The third year wasn't so bad either, my best friend had switched schools due to her mo…