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Reading (now and in the past!!!)

Wow my thoughts are disorganised. I had written earlier, but my content disappeared on mobile. Okay, give me a second to rewrite and restart my thought train. Back when I was younger, not that I'm much older now anyway, I used to read. I'm talking 5,6 hours sprawled on the bed, reading and reading and reading. That was when I had no major exam to think about and to guilt me into doing something about it. Reading was almost the same as breathing. It was effortless and necessary. Even on trips or short holidays, I had to bring a book. I read just about everything, from adventures to sci fi and then the discovery of romance. There was no such thing as a bad book, but the good books were the ones that could keep me intrigued and stuck in thought for days after. Really good books got me going for weeks. These books were the ones that made me take breaks after every chapter, because it was too much of a mouthful to take in all at once. It wasn't bad, it just made me question eve…

An update for the gazillionth time

Ooooooooohhhh okay. *exhales* Things are really quick now. 10th August, 2017. I honestly haven't been putting much work into my studies. I've been placing my workouts and other hobbies and interests on a higher priority scale and I don't think that's too bad, because I've been feeling pretty bad anyway. I doubt studying would make me feel any better or motivate me enough to latch onto me and pull me out of this well full of uncertainty and awful decisions, much less HELP ME. This post and my previous one is giving me the "emo kid in love/cries over everything/life is meaningless" vibe. I'm laughing at myself. I'm laughing at everything. I've been meaning to share some of the poems and short little stories I wrote with you guys, but they're usually either about love or death and uncontrollable anger and never something in between. Kinda cringey too. Hey, I have an interest in make-up now. Slight. I feel like it's kind of fuelled by this…
I can't stop the feelings man I can't stop I don't know what's wrong with me I hope this doesn't stay too long because I know I deserve better but I can't stop feeling this way