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An update for the gazillionth time

Ooooooooohhhh okay. *exhales* Things are really quick now. 10th August, 2017. I honestly haven't been putting much work into my studies. I've been placing my workouts and other hobbies and interests on a higher priority scale and I don't think that's too bad, because I've been feeling pretty bad anyway. I doubt studying would make me feel any better or motivate me enough to latch onto me and pull me out of this well full of uncertainty and awful decisions, much less HELP ME.

This post and my previous one is giving me the "emo kid in love/cries over everything/life is meaningless" vibe. I'm laughing at myself. I'm laughing at everything.

I've been meaning to share some of the poems and short little stories I wrote with you guys, but they're usually either about love or death and uncontrollable anger and never something in between. Kinda cringey too.

Hey, I have an interest in make-up now. Slight. I feel like it's kind of fuelled by this peer pressure going on you know? Everyone I know is wearing even the slightest bit of make-up and I'm being pulled in too. What a waste of money.

I had a fight with someone. Not really a fight, but more of a argument where I had one side she had another. She probably didn't like what I thought of her situation but hey, my opinion right? I was looking to compromise and accept what she was seeing but that didn't work.

Mum has a checkup today.

I have to go complete my hiit workout that I didn't get to do yesterday, soon.

I finally installed blogger on mobile so I could update more regularly.

See ya.


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