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It's funny how I can post millions of tweets about my day, about what I have to say, about anything in general, but can never have enough stamina to write a full length post about something. Maybe I've lost it, maybe this post itself will allow me to regain that power one way or another. Writing something and completing it is always something difficult for me to do, even in the past. I'd start a post and write till the middle where I'd get distracted or would start procrastinating to no end. What else would there be to write about?
It'd need to be something big, or extraordinary, and perhaps complete. You know, I actually have one. From way back, took a few years to experience, took a few months to write. Never posted it. Too personal I guess. It was a post about how things started and how it ended. About love. Pretty long, would have probably been a full length novel by the time I noted down every single detail every event every emotion I have felt. It would have …